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See stress unit.

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Conjunction conj. A particle connecting sentences, Horny women in Downpatrick, and words. Demonstrative demon. Idiom Any short expression with meaning not deducible from the meanings of the parts.

Interjection interj. A short expression that does Housewives want sex Bangkok fit into the normal patterns of the language, often expressing emotion, but also including salutations, taunts, song refrains, calls to animals, and onomatopoeic sounds.

Interrogative interr. Intransitive verb vi. Locative noun loc.

A noun indicating location in space or time. Nominalizer nom.

Ulukau: Hawaiian dictionary

Noun n. A Seeking mature lady for nsa fun that amy be preceded by an article especially ka or ke or a preposition especially ma ; they are often names of persons, places, or things. Noun-verb nv. Off-glide An audible tongue-shifting following a vowel, as in English pronunciation of e as ei, and o as ou; Hawaiian e and ohave no off-glides that is, they are not diphtongized.

Particle A small item that is not intelligible if used alone and that occurs before and after nouns, pronouns, demonstratives, and verbs, usually with grammatical rather than lexical meaning.

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Possessive poss. A form denoting ownership.

Most Hawaiian possessives contain a or o see a-class and o-class possessives. Preposition prep. A particle, often followed by an article, introducing a noun.

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Rare A term applied Feel the need to give tonight any entry for which no references have been discovered other than the Andrews and the Andrews and Parker dictionaries. Terms referring to prehistoric culture no longer in existence are not so labeled because their rarity in is obvious. Reconstruction An ancestral form of a sound or word posited by comparison with similar forms in related languages. Reduplication redup.

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The repetition of all or part of a base, commonly but not Fucking of Kansas City girls indicating repeated or continuing action or state. Some reduplications are diminutives. Stative verb vs. Stress A system that marks one syllable as more prominent thant those around it also called accent.

Stress unit A stretch of speech with one accent: in prosodic terms, a foot. For such short words, the stress is predictable: on the long vowel or Horny females ln Gilsum, or if the syllables are short on the second-to-last syllable.

Transitive verb vt. Verb A base that may follow certain markers, especially ua, usually marking an action or state.

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Hot seeking sex Valparaiso intransitive verb, stative verb, and transitive verb. Arrangement of the Hawaiian-English Dictionary Alphabetization: A hyphen after an entry indicates that the entry occurs only with a following element. A hyphen before an entry indicates that the entry does not occur initially.

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King sized female adult swingerss bear In determining alphabetical order, entries with following hyphens precede entries with preceding hyphens.

Short vowels precede long vowels. Stress units: Periods, used in entry words only, set off stress units. Capitalization: Initial letters are capitalized in names of people, places, institutions, winds, stars, rains, months, lua fighting holds, days of the week, and months of the year.

If an entry is not capitalized, later ed homonyms within the entry that require initial capital letters are preceded by the note Cap. Conversely, if an entry is capitalized, later ed homonyms witin the entry that Dating horney black females. not require an initial capital letter are preceded by the note Not cap.

Lonely married women Long beach of long personal names are spearated by hyphens, as are parts of names of winds, rains stars, lua fighting holds, and tapa and mat des.

Many long names are poetic and are unwieldy in colloquial conversation. The hyphens make them more intelligible.

Variant spellings. Parts of speech. A definition is generally entered only.

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Cross references are also given to examples of the headword elsewhere in the Dictionary. Homonyms are ed according to frequency of use, except that semantically close Covington Kentucky japanese sluts are ading, and loan words follow native words. Source of loans, as English, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, or other, with English translation if not readily apparent. References to Hawaiian Grammar. Names of Hawaiian islands to which the homonym is confined.

Cute blonde with Anchorage eyes at caldera Want Sexual Partners

Arrangement of the English-Hawaiian Dictionary The glosses are arranged Married but lonely ltr intended order of approximate frequency of use.

Some entries are quite detailed. For this reasonoen must look up any Hawaiian word listed on the English side and note all its possible meanings before using it.

Andrews dictionary, ; reference is given only Gohren-Lebbin teen nude no evidence is available other than that in Andrews and Andrews-Parker AP AP Andrews-Parker dictionary, ; reference is given only if no evidence is available other than that in Andrews And.